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Twitter is a marketing tool with 280 million monthly active users. Another great outlet that can make your campaign go viral, in turn making your campaigns successful!

If you are not on Twitter create an account and start listing and observing. You will want to start following people and organizations geared towards your target audience. 

Upon sign up you are going to need a handle. What’s a handle? The handle is your identity.  It is basically telling the world you’re open for business. For Coveroo it’s @coveroo. The handle has power on search engines like Google and Yahoo. Be sure to use a name that is friendly and accessible.

You will also need a profile photo of your business, Use 1500 x 500 pixels for the header image and 400x 400 pixels for your profile image.

Include a clear and informative description of your business along with your URL from the FanMade store page.

What types of content can I post? 

Create content around seasonality, such as holidays and events geared towards the target audience you are going after. For instance, if you built a design geared towards sports fans, tie in MLB Opening Day to keep your post relevant.

Start interacting with your followers with engaging retweets, replies, and be sure to mix in your stellar campaigns you built on FanMade. When posting your copy or Tweet, stay within the 140 characters or less in order for you audience to see the post and include a visual.  Visuals and videos are important to your Tweets. Use a 2:1 aspect ratio for photos to show up completely in the timeline Tweet previews. 

Also include hashtags (#) in your Tweets. Hashtags should be used for relevant keywords, such as events and holidays. The hashtags categorizes Tweets so that it easy for people to do a search for a particular event, holiday, or popular phrase.  When using hashtags, you can’t use spaces between words in a hashtag.  It must be one word. For instance, #StPatricksDay is fine, but you can’t do #St Patricks Day with spaces between. 

Remember on social networks, majority of your post should be fun and engaging, sprinkled with promotional messages. 

Submitted by: Nimisha Gandhi

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