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Most fundraisers have a leg up when it comes to email marketing. For starters you've already identified your audience and they may already support your cause. But everyone, not just fundraisers, can benefit from using email marketing. 

Building Your List

You'll want to begin compiling a list of contact information from people who are interested in your work. Chances are you already have followers across different social channels, many of which will be interested in hearing from you directly via email. You can begin doing this by creating a sign up form on your website or Facebook page if you don't already have one. Google Forms can be quite useful for this and are super easy to create. Once your form is ready always have a link to it included on any blog or social posts you make. You're list will start to grow over time using these simple methods.

You'll want to make sure you collect their name and email address to help you personalize your messages to them. You can learn a whole lot more here.

What do you say?

You want to appeal to your audience. Something interesting and relevant to them is a sure fire way to get them to open your email. This is two fold when it comes to crafting your email. 

Remember the first thing we all see in our inbox is the subject of our messages. Your subject should be something short and appealing. You may wish to write several different subjects and think about which will have better results. When it comes time to send your email you might want to test two different subjects to see which performs better. 

Once you have your subject out of the way its time to focus on your message. What type of message are you sending? Are you informing them of your latest killer design? Or are you just keeping them up-to-date with where you're at? Variety is good.

If your message is not a newsletter it's recommended to keep your message short and to the point. Your first few lines are super important. You want to open with relevant information. If you don't engage your audience in the first few lines they may just click on to something else. Capture their attention and present them with a single but prominent call to action. Your call to action could link back to your store or website. It's recommended that if you use images you also include this call to action in a line of text in case your recipient automatically prevents images from loading. 

Sending Your E-Mails

If you're list is too big to manage on your own you'll want to consider using an email marketing provider. There are several tools available each with their own unique set of features. Most common among them are being able to identify some key metrics in regard to your email. 

  • What's the best time to send your email?
  • How many of my emails were opened?
  • Did people click the link to my store?
  • How do I manage people who unsubscribe?

All of these are easily handled with email marketing tools. Mailchimp is a great place to get started. There are several others but MailChimp is extremely user friendly.

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