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If you don’t have Facebook, get on board! Tap into the 1.35 billion active users and launch your campaign to the world!

Start with building out a Facebook Page. It’s a great way to start your viral marketing, plus it’s free! Once you make a stellar Facebook Page, your audience will start to “Like” the page which means that they will see all your updates in their Facebook feed. 

Be sure to fill out every element related to the Facebook page. 

Use the Cover image to display your brand. The “About” section, is also another important element to fill out to let the world know your unique style and products you are selling. 

Be sure to tie in imagery on Facebook. Check out the following link which provides recommended image sizes for all the elements on your Facebook page:


You are going to need friends!  Connect with friends, artists and business contacts to broaden your reach and increase your sharing potential. Get them to “Like” your page so that your posts ends up automatically in their Facebook news feed. As your friends share and like, your campaign goes viral.

Follow other businesses related to your target audience, for instance if you are selling to sports fans, follow the NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB and other sports related associations.

Make sure you are posting daily with valuable, fun content that is geared towards your target audience. Don’t Spam, that’s the #1 rule. Make sure you always ask yourself before making any post, how would this be of value to my users? If it serves no value, don’t post it. 

How to create an effective post?

Include a visual with each post, along with a link to your campaign on FanMade and tie in a brief attention grabbing copy. Keep copy brief when possible and include a hashtags on trending topics. 

Sprinkle in your promotional posts along with other fun interactive posts like contests, polls, videos that interact with your audience.

Facebook groups are another free way to engage with your audience. It is essentially a Facebook page targeted to specific group of people that you can share your posts and interact with exclusively. This may be useful if you want to keep interactions for a specific audience on a separate page. The down side of this is managing multiple pages.

Want more traction?

Facebook also has Ad targeting that allows you to promote your campaign to specific groups, for example everyone in California that are SF Giants fans between the ages of 25-40. You can target by any of the information provided on the user’s profile. It is a premium service but it is useful when you have a highly targeted group in mind that you know will love your product. You will know if your ad is working or not based on the # of Likes given by your target audience.  Plus, if your user closes your ad, Facebook will ask why the user didn’t like the ad. This information can be insightful to improve your add campaigns. There are a number of different types of ads based on your objective. Here is a link of all the latest features to get you started:


Facebook continues to grow and is a powerful and flexible marketing tool.  No matter what your current budget is, Facebook is the quickest way to expose your products to the world on any device. The important thing is to get started today!

Submitted by: Nimisha Gandhi

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