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In the US, you are required by law to fill out a Form 1099 if you receive more than $600 in profits from FanMade. Here are some answers to common questions concerning the Form 1099:

1. When will I receive my Form 1099?

1099 Forms will be sent out by January 31 following the current tax year .  They will be mailed to the address you've indicated in your FanMade profile.  Please ensure that your address is up to date by January 15.  
2. How is my Form 1099 amount calculated?
The amount is based on cash paid out during the year, not cash earned during the year.  For example, if you closed a campaign in December 2014 but did not request the payout until January 2015, the amount earned for this campaign will be excluded from your 2014 Form 1099.

3. When don't I have to fill out a Form?
If you are participating with an LLC or donating to a 501c charity/organization, you will not have to fill out a Form 1099.  If you're participating in a fundraiser for an organization, the charity to which you are donating will handle the tax implications once they receive the funds.  

4. I'm an International Seller.  Do I still have to fill out a Form 1099?

As an international seller, you must complete a W-8 BEN Form to be paid. Download a form here:


Once downloaded, please make sure you:

  1. Please verify the information, sign it and date it.
  2. Fill out any other information required.
  3. [Email] your form to us, or fax it to 1-650-362-2199. Email it to:

Important: Make your subject line: "Fanmade W8"


Please contact Customer Support if you have any questions.

If you would like to request a Form 1099 or have any additional questions, please contact us.
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