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Slider Case - The Slider case is two piece case has a rubberized coating giving it a soft feel to the touch. The case slides over the top and bottom of the phone to hold in place. This case offers a medium amount of protection compared to the other two.

Thinshield Snap-On Case - The Thinshield case is a one-piece case that has a high-gloss finish and an exposed top and bottom. This case offers a limited amount of protection but maintains the sleek design of the phone. This case is more about fashion than protection.

Guardian Case - The Guardian case has a gloss finish and it consists of a silicone wrap that surrounds the phone and a hard two-piece outer shell that snaps over the wrapped-phone. It's thicker in your pocket as it's designed to offer greater protection to the phone. 

The OtterBox Commuter Series Case- The OtterBox case consist of a thick silicone wrap that surrounds the phone as well as an outer piece made from a thick plastic that goes over the wrap. It does add more bulk to the phone but it offers greater protection to the phone.

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